Blogs, Podcasts, U-Tubers and More: Excellent Resources When You are Recovering from an Eating Disorder

I couldn’t imagine my recovery without the online community of support that exists for those recovering from eating disorders. Everywhere you turn, there are blogs, websites, podcasts, newly printed research studies, free recovery workbooks, etc. written by both professionals and people who are in recovery themselves. It’s inspiration on the discouraging days, access to new coping tools when the ones you have are failing, it’s a sense of connection when you feel isolated. Honestly, used properly, it can be therapy and hard work forward on the days you don’t have therapy.

So, without further ado, here are some amazing resources worth checking out:


#1. Kati Morton I had to put her at the top of my list because she is hands down one of my favorite people on social media. Katie Morton is a therapist who began a YouTube Channel to help educate those with eating disorders and has branched out to include all aspects of mental health.  Her channel contains videos, live chats, Q and A sessions, etc, and she uses viewers questions and requests to help determine what topics to cover next. In addition, her website has great information, chat rooms, and free downloadable workbooks.


#2. Food Psych-This podcast is led by registered dietitian, Christy Harrison.  She is a huge advocate of intuitive eating and the Health at Every Size movement. Her content is geared towards those recovering from eating disorders, but her messages of body positivity, anti-dieting, and general wellness are applicable to everyone.

#3. Don’t Salt My Game–Another great podcast channel created by a registered dietitian–this time, Dr. Laura Thomas.  Like Food Psych–there are podcasts geared towards those recovering from eating disorders and many others with the general public in mind.  There is so much misinformation out there about health, dieting, and nutrition, and she is out there setting the record straight.

Websites and Blogs:

#4. NEDA Blog–The National Eating Disorder Association is the best known nonprofit organization for eating disorders and the work they do is amazing. Their blog isn’t just directed towards eating disordered individuals, they have separate sections for parents/ caregivers and even spouses of those with eating disorders.

#5. Recovery Warriors–I LOVE this site. This is an amazing resource for those with eating disorders and for those supporting someone with an eating disorder.  It is the creation of a multitude of contributors–from doctors, therapists, dietitians, down to regular everyday people like you and me. They have everything from personal blog entries to educational pieces, podcasts, art, music, and more.  Regardless of who you are or where you are in your recovery journey, there is likely to be something on that site that will resonate with you.

#6. I Haven’t Shaved in 6 Weeks–The blog title says it all, and if you’ve ever been inpatient or residential you likely know the experience all too well! This site is written by Lindsey Hall who brilliantly decided to blog about her personal journey while in residential treatment. In the few years since then, she has continued to write both about her own journey and eating disorders in general.  Her blog is more personal in nature and it’s easy to relate and connect with her writings.

#7. Science of EDs–I’m a nerd, can’t help it.  I love learning about the biological and neurological underpinnings of eating disorders, I guess probably because it allows me to feel less personal guilt about my own ED. Scientists and mental health professionals are still in the beginning stages of research on eating disorders and how to best treat them. This is an amazing site that allows readers to critically evaluate peer-reviewed scientific research on eating disorders. It’s a plethora of studies on the topic all in one place. Although the site is no longer active (publications stopped in 2017), the information is still fresh enough to be really relevant in today’s understanding of eating disorders.


#9  Jenni Shaefer (Author)–My dietician very excitedly forced two books down my throat when I first arrived home from treatment–Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me both written by Jenni Shaefer.  I’m actually really glad she “recommended” them to me. My books are now thoroughly worn, earmarked, and scribbled in. There was so much of Shaefer’s writting that I could related to, so many personal words of widsom, and practical exercises well worth the time-out it takes to sit and complete. She now has a third book out titled, Almost Anorexic, that I’m looking forward to reading.

#10 The Body Image Workbook: An 8-Step Program for Learning to Like Your LooksOnce again, my dietitian has forced this one upon me, and it’s really worth it. I complain loudly every time she pulls it out for us to work on, but secretly I am thankful. This one takes some hard work and a willingness to sit through some discomfort, but that usually means it’s a good thing.


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