Learning to Appreciate the Body you Inhabit

As women, we seem to constantly judge our own appearances. We compare ourselves to one another, to those in the media, to societies standards of beauty.  We zone in on our flaws, and disregard what is beautiful.  We never seem to measure up. Eating disordered or not, positive body image is something we all struggle with. It seems that in our quest for beauty, we forget to appreciate what our bodies do for us.

Learning to love our bodies is difficult when we have spent years doing the exact opposite. Positive body image begins with baby steps. It begins when we shift our focus away from appearance and towards the physical capabilities of our bodies–what they allows us to feel and experience.

body appreciation

Recently, I was encouraged to write a letter of thanks to my body. It’s one of the more powerful activities I’ve done, and one I honestly recommend to others. It helps shift our thinking towards a more healthful view of ourselves.  If you find the time, sit down and write your own letter, make a list, or simply sit and contemplate how your body has served you and the ways in which you are thankful for the experiences it has provided, I promise it is worthwhile.







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