Back to Blogging a Little Bit More

I’ve been really quiet in the last several weeks, not because I had nothing to say, but I needed to be in a more positive head space to write.  I’ve gone through a bit of a depressive spot lately, and I don’t want this space to be somewhere negative.  Yet, anytime I tried to write, it reflected my mood no matter how much effort I put into writing something uplifting.

So, where I’m at now ….In terms of depression, I’m in a much better place.  Eating disorder-wise however, I’m still a hot mess.  My treatment team is talking a lot about placing me in a higher level of care. I’m a bit conflicted about things at the moment, and there is a lot to sort through in my own head. I’ll get there eventually though.

But with all of this, I’ve found plenty to write.  I think several of my upcoming posts are going to be geared towards those with eating disorders.  Most often, I try to write things that are easily relatable to everyone.  But not everything can always be so generalized, and most people will never have to walk through the doors of the inpatient mental health system.  It comes with its own struggles, issues, and needs. Those are the things I need to sit down, write about, and think through.  So basically, to all of my readers, I’m sorry it’s so niche oriented at the moment!  And to those battling for their own recoveries, I hope something between these upcoming pages can help you in your own journey, or at least make you feel less alone.

Hugs everyone, and see you soon!


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